The Moon My Twin

quattro . emay . chuck

All Rock. No BS.

Deep, heavy and electrifying, The Moon My Twin is a rock trio whose live shows will leave you howling.

TMMT is led by songwriter EMay, whose crazy voice ranges from Janis’s depth and Peyroux-esque darkness to Joni’s airyness and Alanis’s intensity, plus her own brand of beautiful and bizarre, sometimes all in the same breath.

Christopher Quattro’s blazing guitar sounds of The Byrds and syd-era Pink Floyd, creating lush landscapes of scathing sounds with bright tracers of melody weaving through the songs.

Chuck Richard, rock’s most dynamic drummer, drives heavy rhythms and flying double-bass into airy percussion and back with an intensity that will blow your crown right off.

This trio of accomplished musicians found each other in the mountains of West Virginia after having successes in other bands in NYC, Pittsburgh, LA, Boston and New Jersey.

Together, they created the band they always wished existed — a rock band with depth and soul, polished grunge with balls of steel. Imagine if Blind Melon knocked up Alanis Morisette and their child went on a vision quest, successfully discovering that the meaning of life lay deep within a mountainous wilderness.

Their combined musicianship is better than the sum of their parts, creating seamless transitions between anthemic rock and spacey improvisations. Their sets are deep and moving, great to dance to, and full of exciting and unexpected moments. This band will excite you.

The name “The Moon My Twin” is a reference to the romantic notion that the moon is actually our own Earth’s twin planet. Their kinship calls, from the ground to space and the moments between.